Botox Injections


Botox is used to relax and smooth facial wrinkles, fine lines, and folds (e.g. frown lines and crow's feet). We're proud to offer several types of injectables including Botox, Jeuveau, and Dysport for fine lines/wrinkles and Kybella for targeting submental fat (double-chin).



We're proud to offer BOTOX® Cosmetic, Jeuveau® and Dysport® at Radiance Skin & Laser. Botox injections are injectable neuromodulators that work to relax nerve-muscle imbalance.  That means - wherever its injected, these toxins cause the underlying muscles to temporarily stop moving which allows for smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.


Taught exclusively by Leslie Fletcher – RN, MSN, AGNP-BC at the InjectAbility® Institute in Southern California - MicroTox® describes an innovative use for muscle relaxers such as Botox®, that accelerates the effects producing an instant tightening and lifting result. When injecting Botox® using this technique, the muscles respond immediately with a skin retraction which is similar to a ‘shrink wrap’ effect. The skin will subsequently appear to be tighter and more compressed which allows fine lines to dissipate. No more waiting 3-7 days for your Botox® to take effect! You will walk out of the office with a smoother, tighter lift to your face or neck.  Dr. Julie is certified in MicroTox by InjectAbility® Institute

Botox Treatment

More Information on Botox 

What are injectable toxins and how do they work?

Injectable toxins (e.g. Botox Cosmetic, Jeuveau, Dysport) are highly purified neurotoxins used to block the nerve synapses from firing in the injected muscle. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften, and helps prevent new wrinkles from forming. This can help temporarily erase and reduce horsehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, etc. In addition to relaxing frown lines in between the eyebrows, Botox can also lift the corners of the mouth that sag with age, smooth out the "pincushion" look in some chins, soften smoker's lines around the mouth, and soften vertical neck cords.

Where does it go when it’s injected?

Wherever injected – the Botox paralyzes the muscles underneath the skin. Botox only stays in the area where it’s injected – it doesn’t travel through the body.

Will it make me feel numb or look frozen?

There are two types of nerves in your body – one makes motion and the other gives you feeling. Botox only blocks the nerve synapses that make motion. While there is a stigma of getting that frozen face look – Dr. Julie’s philosophy revolves around enhancing your own natural beauty and working with you to get the aesthetic look you’re trying to achieve.  

​What age should I start Botox?

The answer is – any time you want! There is a perception that Botox is used only for existing lines and wrinkles. While that is one scenario – we’re seeing more and more people using Botox as a preventative measure to stop these lines before they begin or become deep lines. Anyone bothered by their wrinkles or those who want to prevent them from forming in the first place is a great candidate!

How soon will I see results?

Individual results will vary. In general, you should start to see results within 2-4 days after the injection and most patients will see maximum results with 10-14 days after the injection.

Will there be side effects?

This should be minimal! The most common side effects include slight bruising and redness at the injection area and mild headache. You will be able to resume normal daily activities right after your procedure.

How long will the results last?

Everyone is different, and Botox Injections aren’t permanent – but you can expect results lasting 3-6 months on average depending on the type, location and placement of the injection.